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With events, intelligence, and scholarly publishing, Augmentrac connects specialists all over the world. Recognized brand network helps customers work smarter, make better decisions, and develop and thrive in thousands of specialist markets.
Data and information are at the core of what Augmentrac does and we take data privacy matters seriously. We value our relationships with clients, guests, sponsors, exhibitors, suppliers and colleagues and the trust they place in us to hold their personal dataIf you participate as a participant, sponsor, exhibitor or attendant in one of our activities, your personal details will be used in conjunction with the operation of the event, to manage payments and debt recovery.

We can also use your personal details to build databases allowing us to evaluate your quality as a speaker or sponsor / exhibitor, promote activities and facilitate more participation at our activities.

Therefore, photographs and videos are taken at our activities, which can include participants, speakers, sponsors or exhibitors. Where we have taken photographs and videos at our events that feature you as an attendee, sponsor or exhibitor, such images and videos can be used for promotional purposes to the degree allowed by applicable data protection laws.

Where we host and manage a virtual exhibition or event, Augmentrac (and any third-party platform provider working on our behalf) will use your personal information during the registration process to host and manage this digital event and analyze visitor experiences and traffic to optimize visitor experience and provide you with a customized experience.

You may share your personal information with the sponsor and exhibitor when entering a virtual space, zone or room such as an exhibition booth to allow them to engage with you subject to the privacy notice that you may have been provided during the registration and login process. For more clarification please write to connect@augmentrac.com