About The Organizer.

Augmentrac Business Initiatives, thrives to be the leading national provider of connoisseur information and services for the professional and commercial business communities. We just don’t organize conferences but provide every person with relevant, complete information tailored to their role; we deliver insight that predicts the best next step, and deliver it in time to influence the business outcome

Augmentrac’s Conferences are insight-driven and focus to drive the next level of value creation and competitive advantage for organizations. We provide organized information that lead people to take action based on facts to optimize decisions, actions and customer interactions. We believe in getting the right information, to the right decision makers, at the right time to have an edge over competition.

Augmentrac’s Conferences enhance communication, coordinate activities, and enable companies to respond more quickly to changes. We provide cost-effective services that meet business requirements and provide a superior end-user experience with our conferences.

Our conferences are select and held to fit the present needs and inclinations.
Due to the recent Corona outbreak we are moving all our events to online formats.


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