28th May 2020 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

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Virtual CX Conference

ConferenceIs the first Pan-Indian forum bringing together CX communityleaders onlineto exchange their perspectives and Understand CX as the Source of Competitive Advantage..

The following issues will be covered by Virtual CX Conference, which is built with a mission to foster an information and networking forum among the CX and technology leaders. We're going to discuss thoroughly the issues surrounding Omni channel Engagement, Data Centralization, The Effect of Predictive Analytics, IoT, and AI on CX, Compromise between Privacy and Personalization.

This transformative event will offer you the requisite foundations and tactics to smash through the noise, immerse yourself in customer intelligence and emerge victorious from the shifting landscape

Benefits of Attending

Customer Experience is high on the priority list of a smart business leader. With consumer preferences increasing by the day, it is crucial that leading business spend their capital in CX. At Virtual CX Conference you'll find business leaders discussing their expertise and addressing CX's most important issues thoroughly.

Throughout immersive platforms, you will obtain a greater perspective into CX's ever-evolving environment and create a new vision that will transform the way you view and progress the vertices that you are influencing today.


In a collection of talks and seminars, learn from a dynamic community of experts and doers on a well-curated one-day program.


Explore new ideas and methodologies around Emerging tech, Disruptive innovation, digital transformation, and more in expert-hosted sessions.

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